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Dean's Triangle


Coins Through Table as you've never seen it before.

 "Not only is the routine & magic awesome, the props ( & case ) are gorgeous. How do you keep coming up with these killer routines?" ....... Cyril "If you chartered a plane and flew to the Bermuda Triangle,performed your best coin magic there, Dean's Triangle would still be more impossible"...... Michael Weber

"Turns a great trick into an unforgettable performance piece. Dean's Triangle is pure, concentrated magic" ..... R Paul Wilson

"Yesterday, Dean Dill did his Triangle for me. It made my jaw drop"...... Whit Haydn

"Dean fools me a lot but this took my breath away. Dean's Triangle is so visual. I did not believe my eyes"...... Doc Eason

Comes complete with 10” tall table, Coins, Carrying Case, & DVD.

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