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Gravity Flipper - Walking Liberty


The Schoolcraft Flipper is an extremely deceptive coin gaff that allows one coin to instantly open into what appears to be two coins, or conversely allows two coins to quickly close into one solid coin.

The Schoolcraft Flipper coin differs from traditional Flipper coins in three ways.

1. The coin opens via gravity. This means you do not have to shake the coin to make it open. Simply pick it up by its edges and the coin will fall open. Yet, the coin will spring closed and remain closed when you let it go.

2. When open, the coin can lay flat on your hands or on a table surface. Combined with feature #1 above, you can simply pick up the coin and place it back down in an open position with no strange hand motions.

3. There is no visible rubber band in the edge of the open gaff like traditional Flipper coins. The rubber band is internal. This enables the open gaff to withstand reasonable scrutiny from the side. This feature also provides the unique characteristics listed in #1 and #2 without using a rubber band that has been overextended to weaken its elasticity. 
(A brand new rubber band is used in all Schoolcraft Flipper coins).

The Schoolcraft Flipper coin has been sold to many inventive magicians in the last two years. In 2005, it was featured on Dan Watkins’ Coin Man Walking DVD, where all the above attributes (minus the steel core feature) were demonstrated in vivid detail during an interview segment. Dan uses the Schoolcraft Flipper as part of his brilliant routine, “4 Coins, Your Hands”. Master coin man Dean Dill has an unbelievable “Coins thru Table” routine utilizing a custom variation of this this revolutionary gimmick.

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