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OxF - AU Morgan Dollar


The OxF is my newest creation. The OxF was thought of while watching Eric Jones Lecture at a very infamous Fayetteville magic convention (those that were there will remember it well). He was lecturing on his “Oxy-Clean Coin Routine”. There is a move where the flipper and shell are tossed together from one hand to the other. While it can be done with great success after a little practice, I thought if you just add a small magnet to the flipper, shim and teflon the shell, and give it the properties of the 3CM, it would work much easier without the risk of un-nesting. So that’s when I came up with the “Oxy-Clean Flipper Set” or OxF for short. I have these gimmicks available in Soft Morgan Dollars, Average Circulation Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Walking Liberties, Kennedy’s, and Barber Halves. This initial run is a short run, so they will go quickly. I am planning a longer run once I return. The price for the OxF gimmicks vary, depending on your choice of coins you would like the gimmick made from.

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