New Site Opened Today!!!

Well I have finally launched the new Schoolcraft Precision website.  My new e-commerce site is secure, and will be kept up to date much more than previous sites.  This is the newest step in growing Schoolcraft Precision.  Lots of exciting things coming up in the very near future, but this site has been the most important step before continuing.  I needed a secure site that could be easily updated and maintained and finally it is here.  Once all the current products have been entered this week, you can expect some exciting stuff to follow.  

  • Instructional videos, with helpful hints on using and maintaining your gaffs.
  • Limited run gimmicks made from coins I have slowly gathered over the past few years.
  • Blog updates with current progress of my shop.
  • And hopefully by the end of the day a huge facelift to my Facebook Fanpage!!!

So keep checking back for more updates and exciting news!


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