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 Dean Dill

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 David Blaine

"Jamie is the best...There is no other guy to go to for anything from the simplest coin to the most complicated gaff that you can dream of."
 Chris Kenner

"Jamie’s additions, refinements, and craftsmanship transform classic tools into something new." 
Michael Weber

"Jamie is the go-to coin guy. Great work!"
 John Carney

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 Bob Sheets

“The most impeccable coin craftsmanship I’ve ever seen.”
 Tony Clark

“I own several of Jamie’s gaffed coins. I can say without hesitation that Jamie’s products are of the highest quality, with very quick turn around times to receive them. He is a pleasure to deal with, and his coins are a pleasure to work with.” 
 Dan Watkins

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 Daniel Garcia

"I love gaffed coins. When sleight of hand is used with gaffed coins, real miracles happen. I recommend that you beef up your collection with a Dean’s Set and a matching Flipper coin from Jamie Schoolcraft. Jamie’s flipper opens effortlessly and lies flat while open, even on a spectator’s hand. The flipper, combined with the re-edged shell and regular coins from the Dean’s Set, gives you an arsenal of weapons of extraordinary power." 
 Mike Powers

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 Rich Marotta

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 Bob Kohler

 Mike Caveney

"As a professional performer, I turn to Jamie Schoolcraft for any of my coin needs when I need something built to my own specifications,. His craftsmanship is of the highest order and his service is unmatched. I never have to worry about anything Jamie has manufactured for me—I know it will work; I know it will stand up to my rigorous performing schedule; and I know that I will have in a timely manner." 
 Paul Green

Since Jamie has been on the coin scene I wouldn't dream of having anyone else do my custom work. He is the absolute best with delivery, and his workmanship is flawless.
 Monte Smith

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 Doug Brewer

 "Jamie's work is amazing, and he won't rest until his customer is completely happy."
 David Minkin