State of the Shop

Well the new site has been up for a week now, and things are coming together nicely!  Still completing orders placed prior to the new site, and filling the current site orders.  Hoping to have all orders caught up by the end of this week.  With the new order system things will be much more efficient!  For those of you that have any pending orders placed prior to the new site please fire off an email to me to check your status.  I had some email problems early with the transition, which may have resulted in a few emails getting lost in the shuffle.    

I've been asked a lot about the videos, and they will be the last of the updates, but will be up by the end of the year.  Once I have the details figured out on how to host them securely and how to make them only accessible to magicians they will become available.  The videos will include product demos, care and feeding of your gimmicks, and ways to get the exact custom gimmicks that will work perfectly for you!  

That is all for the updates today, and I will be trying to keep everyone informed to the best of my ability while keeping up with all the orders in house.

Take Care,



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