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3CM - AU Morgan Dollar


The 3CM is my advancement of the Connie Hayden Double-Shelled Dollar (a silver dollar covered by two perfectly nested shells.) Schoolcraft's application of modern technology and neodymium magnets now allows him to add remarkable magnetic properties to this already powerful gimmick. Progressive shimming technology maintains precise tension between both shells and the innermost magnetic coin.

The magnetic forces are strong enough to allow you to confidently flip the nested set into the air, or ditch it silently without any shells coming off yet the pull on the shells is balanced to allow for easy un-nesting. The magnetic field is actually fine-tuned so that each shell can be effortlessly removed in the proper order; the top shell followed by inner shell. As a final touch, the interior of each shell is given a durable micro-thin Teflon coating to provide you with a gimmick that combines silent operation, a stealth feel, and a classic appearance. 

Jamie has also made the magnet the perfect size to use with the Trabucco Holdout. This gives you great freedom when doing any of your favorite 3-coin production and vanish sequences. Many working pros are using my 3CM gimmick in their everyday work. One last benefit of this gimmick is its ability to interface perfectly with any of Jamie‚Äôs dollar sized "Dean's Sets". 

The 3CM gimmick along with a "Dean's Set" will give you the tools to create some very powerful coin magic.

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